Agency "My Home"

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About the agency

Real estate agency, MY HOME, is new on the Montenegrin market but with years of experience and is therefore adapted to the modern way of doing business.
The agency My Home is located in Bar, Montenegro, and we specialize in mediation in the issuance and sale of properties in coastal, central and northern regions of Montenegro.

We assist our clients from the visit of real estate to the transfer to the new owner, and the greatest importance to the safety and satisfaction of all parties involved in the implementation kupoprodaje.Ukoliko need a reliable partner in business who will you still have time and knowledge, someone you can trust and who will your wishes with ease to achieve, you can feel free to knock on our door.

Its customers can provide the following services:

• Estimates of market value
• Agencijsko mediation in buying and selling all types of real estate
• Sales of apartments and office space in the new building projects
• Agencijsko negotiate the issue of apartments, houses, offices and apartments for tourism
• Checking the legal and technical properties
• Consulting in building or investing in construction

What makes our agency different from others is the following:
• flexible payment
• fee may be less than 3%
• possible to collect one rent annually
• payment of the twelfth part of the rent (as long months that he stays in the apartment)
• taking a deposit from the tenant, as a guarantee that the accounts be duly paid
• takeover list for immigration and emigration
• monthly monitoring bills: electricity, internet, water, utilities and the like.
• we have a duty service: plumber, electrician, handyman painting
• maintenance staff flats / houses
• gardeners
• car rental